Academic Support Services


In addition to academic programs for special needs students, The Pathway School offers on-campus speech/language support, occupational therapy, reading support, and clinical services tailored to the individual needs of each student.

Clinical Services

The Pathway School employs certified school psychologists and clinical social workers. The clinical team works within a multidisciplinary environment, collaborating closely with teachers, speech and occupational therapists, and administrators.

Some students with emotional and/or psychological barriers to learning receive individualized clinical services as directed by their IEP in order to help them be successful in their learning environment. Such services include group therapy services, individual therapy services, and parent consultation.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational therapy helps students improve motor, visual-perceptual, and writing skills,  as well as increase emotional regulation and awareness of sensory needs.  Direct sessions are based on the students' identified needs and can be delivered through individual and small group sessions.  Consultation and collaboration with student's IEP, the team supports the development of specific strategies and modifications necessary to build a student's independence across environments.   

Reading Support

The Pathway School utilizes the diagnostic/perspective model to determine an appropriate approach to meet individual student's needs. Each student is then assessed on an annual basis to establish an instructional reading level and to measure progress from one year to the next.

Collaboration among reading specialists and classroom teachers provides students with consistency and the opportunity to utilize previously taught skills.  Pathway supports research-based programming, including Wilson, Edmark and PCI Reading Programs to name a few, in our classrooms as well as during reading therapy sessions.


Speech and Language Support

Speech and Language Therapists work to improve students' receptive expressive and pragmatic language skills through a continuum of services, based on individual student needs and as defined through the students' IEP.  The therapists provide assessment, treatments, consultation and collaboration.  Both direct (individual and small group) and indirect therapy can be provided across environments, including academic, vocational, community based and social. 

A collaborative/consultative model of classroom based instruction is provided to transfer pragmatic and social skills from the therapy to the classroom setting.   



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