Upper School Therapeutic Academic Program


The Upper School takes a proactive, individualized approach to serving the academic, social, and transition needs of young adults ages 15–21 who meet The Pathway School admissions criteria with an IQ between 60 and 120.  Students are identified for special education services with primary disabilities that include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities, Specific Learning Disability, Emotional Disturbance or Other Health Impairments.  Students often have secondary disabilities of Speech or Language Impairment or a combination of those mentioned above.  

If your student started with The Pathway School in the Lower School program, he or she will find an easy transition into the Upper School's modified application of the same unique educational and social-skills curricula.

For parents who are new to The Pathway School's Upper School program, you will find a unique approach to special education, that combines the Pennsylvania Common Core English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science Education, Health and Physical Education, Arts and Humanities, and Technical Education State Standards by adapting content and presentation that meets each student's academic goals.

Within a small classroom setting, the teacher and teacher assistants focus on opportunities to implement and practice active learning skills and social awareness, using a research-based social skills curriculum. Individualized instruction and flexible instructional pacing are incorporated into the classroom instruction to address student learning.  This specialized attention ensures that your child's educational and behavioral needs are being supported.

The emphasis on social awareness is especially important in the Upper School, as our students begin to prepare for independence after graduating from Pathway.  As part of the Career Education Program, Upper School students receive job training to enhance their social and employability skills, first through an on-campus job and then with a local business, using the support of Pathway job coaching, as needed.

Additional educational opportunities within the Upper School include the "Bridge to College" program. This allows options for dual enrollment at Montgomery Community College for eligible students. A transitional living program assists students in practicing daily living skills in a realistic "home" environment.


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