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As part of our commitment to help students explore their creative personality, The Pathway School's Art Program helps to support strengths that traditional academic programs may not capture, including the depth of a child's imagination, nonverbal expression, abstract cognitive ability, and insight into emotions. This exploration is achieved by offering our students personal development through the structural teaching of music, theater, painting, and a multi-disciplinary visual arts program.

Each year students are exposed to a variety of different Musicopia programs, including "African Percussion & Dance," "Speak Up and Drum," "Catch the Vibrations," and "Fundamentals of Jazz."  The Musicopia programs will be offered during the 2017 ESY program. 

The Theatre Arts Program, under the direction of Mr. Pete Pryor formerly from People's Light and Theatre Company, performs three productions annually. Rehearsals and performances create meaningful experiences and builds confidence through individual responsibility.  Students may also participate in the design and construction of props and scenery. We welcome and encourage students from every academic program to participate in this dynamic program.

The lasting benefits of our Theatre Arts Program can be seen beyond the stage performances in front of family, faculty and loved ones.  Studies conducted by Butler University (Indianapolis), using students engaged in Pathway's theatre activities indicated enhancements in students' reading, speech, and socialization competencies. Students also improved their abilities to display appropriate emotions, regulate emotions, and acknowledge the perspectives and opinions of others.


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