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Trying to identify a private school for your son or daughter can be an exhausting experience. Right from the beginning, we want you and your child to understand how The Pathway School's innovative program can support, challenge, nurture, and empower students for a life of independence. Please allow us to assist you in your efforts to learn how The Pathway School may offer specialized programming tailored to your child's academic needs and emotional development that is vital for creating a productive future for your child.

The Pathway School employs an integrated, interdisciplinary team approach for the special education of children ages 6–21 with neurological impairment, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, psychological disorders, and serious emotional disturbance.

Each student's progress is guided by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), which is created via a thorough assessment upon enrollment at The Pathway School. This tailored approach to special education allows The Pathway School educators and therapists to create a long-term plan for success informed by each student's skills and development.

The Pathway School's Academics Program is based upon the Pennsylvania Academic State standards and the child's instructional level. Services are implemented in the classroom with additional related support including counseling, speech and language therapy, reading therapy, occupational therapy, adaptive physical education, art, developmental movement therapy, secondary transition services, and career education. The Pathway School implements a school-wide Positive Behavior Support Program that enhances the school environment.

The current instructional model at The Pathway School incorporates the use of research-based instructional programs, departmentalized instructional programs, differentiated instructional strategies, and both direct and indirect instructional techniques. By uniting these distinctive instructional programs and therapeutic practices, The Pathway School is leading the way in providing an innovative, individualized, structured learning environment that empowers all students to learn and achieve greater independence.

For more information about The Pathway School's programming, or to schedule an appointment to meet with our admissions department, please complete our contact form or call the Admissions Office at 610-277-0660.

Group Tours

Please consider joining us for one of our Group Tour opportunities.  Individual questions specific to your child’s needs can be answered during the course of the tour if you are comfortable, or can be asked individually at the end of the tour session.  Please contact the Admissions Department at 610-277-0660 ext 5 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in attending one of these sessions.

Dates without known attendees will be cancelled.

Third Tuesday of September 10am
Third Wednesday of October 12 noon
Second Thursday of November 1pm
Second Friday of December 11am
Third Thursday of January 1pm
First Friday of February 11am
Third Wednesday of February 12 noon
First Thursday of March 1pm
Third Tuesday of March 10am
Second Friday of April 11am
Fourth Wednesday of April 12 noon
First Thursday of May 1pm
Third Tuesday of May 10am


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