January  2019

Dear Friends,

There is a much to celebrate at The Pathway School. We continue to welcome new students, and have seen our enrollment grow to 170!  The school is humming with activity from in-class projects, school sports, our newest STEM classes and a third “Sumdog” mathematics competition victory!  We are proud of the many student success stories.

As we celebrate in the present, Pathway is looking toward its future. Last autumn, the School’s Board of Directors and I developed a strategic plan that will update the campus and position our school to be a 21st century educator of children.  Specifically, Pathway is in the planning stages of substantially renovating our campus to repurpose the cottage buildings to provide more functional spaces for classrooms. The plan is to fully renovate the Audubon, Betsey Ross and Anthony Wayne buildings.  Next we will be looking at the older buildings on campus and redesign them to be more visually appealing and more functional for our active, increasingly younger students.  Naturally, this ambitious plan has many moving parts, but it is our hope to begin improvements this summer. 

Pathway’s strategic plan also calls for a complete upgrade of our curriculum to include STEM in all Pathway classrooms and in all subject areas—even Phys. Ed.! New programs such as Pre- K and a community-based program for students 21 years of age and older also are being planned.   Additionally, we plan on adding a family support component to our school to provide Pathway families with assistance beyond what is currently offered in our classrooms.   We envision creating new businesses that are, in part, operated by Pathway students and/or graduates—to provide our students with real world experiences and, hopefully, real world paychecks.

In the coming months, I will be providing more information about the strategic goals for the School, and will, shortly, be posting our strategic plan on our website. Stay tuned, the future of The Pathway School is beginning to take shape!




David J. Schultheis

President and Chief Executive Officer


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